About Us

Who We Are

As certified pre-owned (CPO) technology experts, we sell a wide range of quality, affordable, certified, pre-owned devices.

We deliver outstanding value to our customers while at the same time working to protect our planet by giving technology a second life.

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Delivering Value

We stand by the quality of our devices and sell only certified pre-owned devices: in fact, our reputation depends on them. We are committed to delivering exceptional quality, value, and savings to our customers.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is at the heart of everything we do. We thrive on exceeding our customers’ expectations with a personalised and consistent customer experience.

Caring for Our Environment

E-waste is the world’s fastest-growing waste stream and is often forgotten about. Every device that we can give a second life to is kept out of the landfill, thereby having less impact on the environment.

Our Process

Every device we sell has been put through its paces to meet the Rebox Tech seal of approval:

Step 1 - Device Inspection
Firstly, our grading gurus run the device through an initial 26-point inspection. Only devices that make the grade progress to the next stage (in case you are wondering, we responsibly recycle end-of-life devices that don’t make the grade following local and international requirements).
Step 2 - Repairs
Once our expert techs get their hands on the devices, they go through component by component with a fine tooth comb to ensure that every single part measures up to our Rebox Tech standards.
Step 3 - Software Updates
All our devices are loaded with the latest software and then hit our virtual shelves, ready to be bought.
Step 4 - Testing (Again!)
Before your device is boxed and shipped, we do one last check to make sure it gets our final stamp of approval.
Step 5 – Shipping
We ship your device to your door via tracked courier.