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How to Reduce E-waste.

How to Reduce E-waste.

The desire to fight back on the waste products is not a new thing. But it has become more needed as the years go by. E-waste is a far bigger problem than we ever imagined.

Harsh chemicals from the broken down electronics are harming the ecosystems and populations over the globe, if we keep carrying on with this lifestyle of wanting the newest and greatest tech the more dangerous our drinking water, food sources, and the environment will become.


People wanting the latest in everything, we want the latest features for an easier life and showing off our financial pride. But when old products get replaced it the way we discarded them that is important.

At least there are easy ways to discard of devices while helping the planet.


Buy refurbished

Is your phone reaching the end and it is going to cost you more to repair the phone? Buying refurbished phones is a guilt-free way of getting something "new". Buying refurbished devices keeps it within the circular economy and not contributing to the demand and materials needed to mine and create a brand new product.


Sell old electronics

Not only could this bring you in some cash, but some of these could also be repurposed for other tech items. SO you get some money while doing a good thing for the environment.

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